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Lucknam Park’s equine therapy aims to foster emotional growth

By Mark Smith


By Mark Smith

16 July 2020

Luxury Wiltshire country house hotel and spa Lucknam Park has developed an equine therapy offering to provide its guests with a holistic, experiential and highly specialised form of therapy that incorporates working with horses.

Led by Dawn Cameron, Lucknam Park’s Equestrian Centre manager for over 20 years, the sessions aim to improve both mental and physical health and are designed to help individuals learn how to communicate with others and release anxiety.

Lucknam Park in Wiltshire, UK

Acting as a form of mindfulness, guests can connect with the animals in a natural setting, being taught to control the horses through their body language.

A horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication rely solely on the placement and subsequent release of pressure, so guests will be taught to control the horses through their body language in what is a form of mindfulness practice.

“Guests can learn interpersonal skills, team work and a better understanding of reading body language. It brings a great sense of peace, inner calm and a connection, while enabling people to understand their own emotions and personality types.”

Dawn Cameron

Manager, Lucknam Park Equestrian Centre

Creating connections with the animals is said to encourage guests’ emotional growth, helping them to learn about themselves and develop new ways of thinking – all of which are skills transferable to their personal relationships.

“The handler has to adopt their body language to communicate with the horse,” explains Cameron, “They will need to understand how horses interact in the herd environment, which is completely different to the ways in which we communicate. They have to completely focus on the horse.”

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