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Lefay Resort & Spas launches medicinal tea collection

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

27 September 2021

Italian wellness resort operator Lefay Resorts & Spa has developed a line of medicinal herbal teas for online retail. 

The collection is blended with more than 40 medicinal plants and is designed to help treat conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, water retention and digestive issues. 

It features six blends: Detox, Draining, Balancing, Calming, Slimming and Energising. 

The teas will also be used as part of the Lefay Spa method programme, which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine with scientific advances. Guests on the programme will be prescribed a tea based on their needs, which they can then reorder once they have returned home. 

Six blends for herbal health

The new Lefay SpaDetox blend combines cinnamon, turmeric, liquorice and astragalus root to detox the liver and gallbladder and aid digestion.


Targeting the kidneys and stomach, its Draining tea blend features fenugreek, fennel seeds, Bermuda grass and cherry equisetum leaves to relieve congestion, aid drainage and stimulate fluid production.


A Balancing tea contains mandarin, rhubarb, mint, ginger and white turmeric to restore balance and aid digestion, while a Calming blend is formulated with European herbs and flowers to improve sleep quality.


Blended with bitter orange, rosemary, hibiscus, bladderwrack and green tea, the Slimming tea stimulates the metabolism and reduces bloating and the Energising tea contains ginseng golden root, mandarin, cinnamon and astragalus to invigorate the drinker and support the immune system.

Be well...

To find out more about Lefay Resort & Spas’ wellness offering, click below

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