Sammy Gharieni: Five things spa professionals should know

The Gharieni Group founder offers ways to bolster your business in the current challenging climate


By Sarah Todd

12 March 2021

European Spa’s new Leadership Experts series invites global spa and wellness figures to offer their insights on key challenges facing spa, wellness and beauty businesses.

As a leading manufacturer of high-end spa and medical equipment around the world with almost 30 years’ experience, we asked Sammy Gharieni, founder and CEO of Gharieni Group how the pandemic has changed the industry and what his products can offer business owners and operators as they begin to reopen.

Gharieni Limber Table at Bergamos Retreat, Texas, US


1. There will be a surge in demand for mental wellbeing programmes

“We are all still living in a state of huge unpredictability, with people who are tired and frustrated. Although every country has a different situation, as the world begins to open up again, preventative wellness for the mind, body and soul will be huge in the future.”


2. It is more important than ever to be flexible with your space

“With many spas considering how they can maximise their available space, multi-functional treatment beds combine the best features of a spa table and a treatment bed in one efficient unit, saving both time and space. All kinds of treatments can be combined, allowing the development of interesting new spa experiences without the need for more rooms or equipment.”


3. Sell concepts rather than products.

“It is harder for guests to compare treatment concepts than therapies themselves, such as a Deep Tissue Massage. Always look for innovation in your equipment and bear in mind that touch-free technologies won’t replace massage or the power of touch – they are add-ons to give spas more wellness tools at their disposal.”



4. Coronavirus made us rethink our lives and businesses

“We are all doing things differently because the pandemic has presented the opportunity for us to think deeply about our existing businesses and lives and change up old routines that don’t work. Understand that your guests’ needs may have changed too and you may need to adapt your offer to reflect this.”


5. We’ve developed the best for the future, and the future is now

“We have to live with coronavirus and people want to get back to a semblance of normal life and return to spas. At Gharieni, we’ve developed a lot of technology and innovative equipment that will enable spas to smartly meet and enhance their guests’ evolving physical and mental wellness requirements [such as the Gharieni PlexiShield (pictured above) that allows hygienic treatment performance].”


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