Gharieni: Expert Guide to Treatment Couches

By Sarah Todd

By Sarah Todd

28 December 2020

The best spa experiences are anchored in investment in the very highest quality equipment. This is perhaps most important in treatment rooms, where the comfort of every guest is paramount and the ergonomics of a healthy working space are equally vital to safeguard your team.

Responding to the new operational challenges faced by spas, many premium treatment couch suppliers are now offering equipment complete with innovative, touch-free enhancements that focus on delivering luxurious wellbeing experiences for guests with minimal therapist intervention.

Alongside this, a range of new protective shields have been developed to help therapists observe rigorous hygiene SOPs while safely delivering a range of approved treatments.

Treatment tables experience the heaviest and most consistent use of any piece of equipment in a spa, so purchasing the highest quality furniture is essential. From multi-functionality to boosting revenue-per-available-room, treatment couches can be a costly but vital investment, so the ability to make informed purchasing decisions is crucial.

Gharieni Limber Table at Bergamos Retreat, Texas, US

In the first of four instalments of our Expert Guide to Treatment Couches, to support you in making intelligent and considered investments in the future of your spa business, we talk to Sammy Gharieni, founder and CEO of Gharieni Group, a leading manufacturer of high-end spa and medical equipment with almost 30 years’ experience.

How can your products help spas prepare for the ‘new normal’?

“We are seeing increasing demand for technologies for touchless treatments. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, we were working on products such as the Gharieni Spa.Wave. Similar to meditation, this offers binaural acoustic and dynamic stimulation that is computer controlled and trains the brain to relax and benefit from deep relaxation techniques.”

We will continue to work on touchless technologies and increase the hygiene aspects of our future developments. We will do whatever we can to help the spa and wellness industry back to business.

Sammy Gharieni

Founder and CEO, Gharieni Group

“The pandemic has also increased interest in our other touchless technologies, such as our new body contouring device, the Gharieni Celliss. This is a unique slimming machine that treats thighs and hips as well as buttocks or abdominals with a non-invasive aspiration/percussion process without needing a therapist.”

“Our MLX i³Dome is a triple detox therapy that combines far-infrared technology with plasma and light therapy, and offers three ultra-effective detox treatment methods in one, also without the touch of a therapist.”

Gharieni's Libra Edge

What else is new in Gharieni’s offering?

“We have developed the Gharieni PlexiShield. A protective shield with illumination for all facial treatments, it is attached directly to the couch frame and offers optimal space for the therapists’ legs. We have also supplemented our range of disposables with face masks and additional hygiene products.”

How can spas ensure hygiene levels?

“We advise our customers to pay even more attention to hygiene than before the pandemic. Use each towel and treatment couch cover only once and wash every single towel and sheet after every treatment at a minimum temperature of 60°C. In essence, do everything they have done before, but even more carefully.”

The Gharieni MLX i3dome

How does your company support spas?

“Space usage has always been a vital consideration and now it’s more important than ever to be flexible, fast and effective.

“Multi-functional treatment beds like the brand new Gharieni 601 (above) combine the best features of a spa table and a treatment bed in one efficient unit, saving time and space.

“All kinds of treatments can be combined and performed with ease and without compromise, allowing the development of interesting new treatments without the need for more rooms or equipment.”

Gharieni partners with the Aether Institute, Prague

What’s next for Gharieni?

“We will continue to work on touchless technologies and increase the hygiene aspects of our future developments. We will do whatever we can to help the spa and wellness industry back to business.”

Treatment room takeaways

Inspect all of your treatment room equipment before re-opening to ensure there is no wear and tear that could allow any bacteria or virus to grow.


Courtesy call each guest ahead of arrival to explain what new procedures they can expect during their visit, such as temperature checks and mask policies, and address any wellness concerns.


Touchless technology in treatment rooms can enable guests to guide their own spa journey with minimal need for a therapist using automated equipment and beds.


Keep all treatment spaces visibly sterilised, ventilated and bright. This will boost confidence and reassure guests that the highest levels of hygiene are in place.


Intelligently flex your treatment menu to match fluctuating guest demand, and optimise the available workspace by incorporating multi-functional treatment beds.

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