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Kloris bring CBD wellness treatments to the spa market

Spa partner programme combines high-performance CBD products with sonic treatment journeys


By Mark Smith

25 June 2021

Kloris, the premium natural wellness brand that specialises in high-performance CBD products and treatments, has launched its first professional programme, designed exclusively for the premium spa market.

“Where plant science meets spa, this journey of the senses combines stretching, lymphatic drainage, muscle release and shiatsu acupressure points to allow body and mind to drift away to a curated healing soundscape.”

Kim Smith

Co-founder, Kloris

Featuring multi-layered, curated sonic treatment journeys, the brand aims to redefine the way luxury spas deliver results-oriented wellbeing treatments. Manufactured in the UK using sustainable hemp extracts, the packaging is 100% recyclable with a large portion of their packaging being biodegradable.

Kloris has developed treatments that are designed to capture the imagination and transport clients on a journey through vast natural landscapes of scent, touch and sound. 

The sensory experiences begin with a powerful visualisation followed by a massage treatment with blood orange essential oil, vanilla and oud, using healing massage tools to soothe the body and promote relaxation for a renewed sense of positivity. Therapeutic, nature-based soundscapes, chosen to suit the client, help the mind enter a deep meditative state.

Kloris offers a full range of potent CBD products

For a more targeted experience, the high strength CBD balm can also be applied to specific areas. The programme includes two treatments: the 90-minute Uplifting Top to Toe Signature Experience and the 30-minute Facial Glow Massage Experience.

Be calm...

To find out more about the Kloris spa partner programme and its range of CBD products and treatments, click below


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