Kate Moss launches new self-care brand Cosmoss

Supermodel enters wellness arena with launch of Cosmoss, a self-care brand set to rival celebrity wellness companies Goop and Poosh


By Lauren Heath-Jones

01 September 2022

Supermodel Kate Moss has entered the wellness arena with the launch of her own wellness and self-care brand, Cosmoss. 

Officially launching today (September 1), Cosmoss is set to rival celebrity wellness brands such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh, and boasts a curated edit of wellness products to balance and rejuvenate. 

Mesmerising and magical 

Moss took to Instagram to celebrate the brand’s launch, sharing a video of herself wild swimming naked, with a caption that read: ‘Mesmerising and magical. Cosmoss is self-care created for life’s modern journeys.’ 

Commenting on the new venture, she said: “Cosmoss draws on my life experiences and journey of discovery and transformation. It’s a celebration of every day exactly as it is, with all its imperfections.”

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Deep personal connection

The product line-up has yet to be revealed but it will likely feature skincare and aromatherapy, with Cosmospolitan UK reporting that wellness teas and CBD-infused facial oils will also be included.

“[Cosmoss is] grounded in a deep, personal connection to wellbeing, spirituality, and optimism, this is a collection with a difference,” a representative for Moss told the magazine

Journey of discovery

Rising to fame in the Nineties, Moss was a mainstay of the UK’s rock scene throughout the Noughties. In recent years, however, she has embraced a softer lifestyle, telling Desert Island Discs: “I’m obsessed with gardening.” 

“I love a dance but I’m not really into being out of control anymore… I like to get to bed, I like to get up early and do my meditation before anyone’s up and I like to be in control,” she added.

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