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HydraFacial: Proactive spa partnerships

By European Spa

By European Spa

28 July 2021


A global pioneer in skin health programmes since 1997, HydraFacial is a renowned aesthetic device manufacturer and leader in hydradermabrasion technology.

Aiming to boost spa treatment sales and increase cashflow through
re-bookings and treatment courses, the brand offers a multi-faceted support package for its spa partners. This includes commercial workshops, training and education, and sales, marketing and social media support.

The global aesthetic industry is predicted to be worth £22 billion
(€26 billion) by 2025 and post-Covid spend on self-care is expected to spike. This offers spas a unique opportunity to tap into consumer demand for results-focused treatments, explains Anna McCartney, HydraFacial’s senior director of global partnerships:

Anna McCartney, Senior director of global partnerships, HydraFacial

What makes HydraFacial unique?

HydraFacial is a high-tech, low-touch and totally tailored non-invasive treatment that combines hydradermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, a chemical peel and LED light therapy with a customisable delivery of antioxidants and peptides.

HydraFacial’s skin health programme is suitable for all skin types and tones, making it an accessible and inclusive choice for all your spa needs. Our patented deep cleanse is available in over 17,000 locations globally and is a leader within the skin health category, attracting consumers from those undergoing medically invasive treatments to clients starting out on their skin health journey.

With many spas now simplifying their treatment menus, HydraFacial’s multi-tasking face, scalp, eye and lip protocols offer easy-to-manage levels of customisation from just one machine.

HydraFacial’s skin health programme is suitable for all skin types and tones

What support do you offer spas?

Investing in a HydraFacial device is only the beginning of our relationship. A corporate partnership with HydraFacial allows for consistency across each of your properties wherever they are. From the initial investment to unparalleled training, education and marketing support, the HydraFacial team are always there to help.

A dedicated business development manager will host quarterly reviews at the top level, plus commercial workshops with your regional on-site teams to ensure your objectives and revenue expectations are exceeded.

The HydraFacial system is easily incorporated into any spa treatment environment

Can HydraFacial work with a spa’s existing skincare brands?

There are many exceptional skincare brands available for professional use today, some of which we are privileged to partner with by way of a co-branded serum booster that is used within our protocols – for example, we recently collaborated with Murad.

HydraFacial does not carry its own topical product line, allowing spa owners to use and promote their existing skincare brands during HydraFacial treatments.

HydraFacial is personalisable through a range of options including lymphatic drainage, personalised booster serums and LED lights

How can HydraFacial boost a spa’s revenue from its current client base?

HydraFacial could offer a three-fold boost to a spa’s revenue. Treatment sales will increase cashflow and guest visit frequency through re-bookings and treatment courses. Our system also increases the touch points you have with every guest, including cross-selling other ancillary services, increased brand loyalty and improved referral volumes from guests.

HydraFacial offers personalistion through many modality options, such as lymphatic drainage, personalised booster serums and LED lights. This helps keep guests on their skin health journey for the long term.

The HydraFacial system has provided an engaging addition to the spa at Sofitel London St James

How do you work with spas to attract new customers?

We offer proven launch plans that drive consumer awareness to their location and help new providers achieve return on investment in less than three months. We equip businesses with unlimited marketing assets and support them with on-site launch events.

HydraFacial is the most visible aesthetic treatment brand on social media with over two billion impressions each year worldwide. We dedicate our marketing campaigns to engage with the end consumer, thereby driving footfall into our provider locations. Our recent #GLOWvolution tour and consumer pop-ups in London and Dubai are just two examples of our efforts to reach new consumers.

HydraFacial increases the touch points spas have with their guests

Where does HydraFacial physically fit into the spa environment?

HydraFacial requires only a standard plug socket with no additional plumbing or fixing, giving spas the opportunity to use a traditional treatment room or adapt an underutilised area.

Its revitalising effect can create a social and engaging space, as demonstrated at Sofitel London St James where customers are invited to share results and tag their location, improving social media awareness not just for HydraFacial but the provider as well.

Partner with HydraFacial...

If you are interested in introducing HydraFacial into your spa business, please contact the corporate team at

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