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Huile Fondamentale: Regeneration and protection from Biologique Recherche

Suitable for use on beards as well as hair, six pure botanical oils provide strength and silkiness

By David Fagan

11 March 2021

Recommended for very dry and damaged hair, Biologique Recherche’s new Huile Fondamentale promises to strengthen and protect against harsh external factors.

Deeply moisturising and nourishing, it can be used on facial as well as head hair to make detangling easy, reduce dryness and repair damaged hair

Made from a concentrated formula of six pure botanical oils with antioxidant and regenerating properties, its non-greasy formula works on three levels to repair, protect and purify.

Three levels of care for your clients' hair

To repair

Tsubaki oil, rich in omega 9, repairs hair ends and improves hair shine; Sacha Inchi oil, concentrated in polyunsaturated fatty acids (notably omega 3, 6 and 9), smooths and repairs hair scales and coats the cuticle, leaving hair soft and silky and adding volume; Sandalwood oil contains ximenynic acid, which has revitalising properties and limits dryness.


To protect

The essential fatty acids in olive extract moisturise and restore and regenerate the hair barrier through two natural antioxidants, polyphenols and tocopherols, which provide strength to minimise breakage and split ends; Macadamia nut oil contains palmitoleic acid to nourish and limit water loss from the hair fibre and regenerate thin hair.


To purify

Rosemary oil extract protects the cells from oxidative stress, and its antioxidant action, with purifying properties that protect hair from everyday damage.

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French, luxury brand Biologique Recherche has a clinical and personalised approach to skincare using intentionally pure, raw active ingredients. To find out more, click below

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