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Germaine de Capuccini celebrates 60 years of skincare excellence

Delegates from around the world gathered in Madrid for a series of immersive presentations and gala events to mark the occasion


By Mark Smith

05 July 2024

Germaine de Capuccini recently celebrated 60 years of skincare excellence with a series of immersive presentations and gala events in Madrid.

Led by general manager Ana Pons Talens, the main presentation session, entitled ‘The Event’, was held in the centre of the Spanish capital.

It offered an insight into the history and heritage of the brand, first launched by Carmen Vidal in 1964.

Storyboards traced the brand’s growth in its home territory and focused on international expansion, sustainability and ingredients.

The interactive boards also highlighted the launch of key products that have gained iconic status in the professional skincare market.

Smiling woman with brown hair looking at camera

“Our key focus for the future is on the end consumer. If we arrive to this consumer, we can then direct traffic to salons and the spas.”

Ana Pons Talens

General manager, Germaine de Capuccini

Immersive experiences

Guests were invited to create their own  face cream in a mini laboratory, and were offered a sneak preview of the new launches in the Sperience line, which will debut in autumn 2024.

Drawing inspiration from spa journeys in Japan and South America, expect to see matcha body products and also more fruity tropical inspired treatment journeys for spa guests in the near future.

New spa treatments will also launch in these collections.

Mark Smith with Ana Pons Talens
European Spa deputy editor, Mark Smith with Germaine de Capuccini general manager Ana Pons Talens

Timexpert Premier – The Cream

A key highlight during the session was the introduction of the new Timexpert Premier – The Cream. Featuring patented HLG Nanopolymer, the product offers anti-ageing, redensifying, regenerating and brightening properties.

Germaine de Capuccini celebration event
UK delegation at the Germaine de Capuccini 60 anniversary event

Global distribution

Germaine de Capuccini is currently distributed in over 80 countries globally and many of these territories were represented at the celebrations.

The UK delegation included representatives from The Spa at Galgorm, Rena Spa at The Midland, Maften Hall, The Spa at Carden Park, Glass House Retreat and The Landmark London.

This group also had the opportunity to vit the brand’s headquarters in Alcoy, near Alicante in southern Spain.

Taking a behind the scenes look at the research and development and manufacturing process was educational and offered an insight into the heart of the brand.

UK delegates at Germaine de Capuccini gala event
UK delegates at Germaine de Capuccini gala event
black and white photo of Robert Stout, Germaine de Capuccini

“The event was the perfect opportunity for everyone associated with Germaine de Capuccini globally to celebrate 60 years of timeless beauty.”

Robert Stout

Country manager, UK, Germaine de Capuccini

Professional skincare

The brand has a strong history in the professional sector and the team confirmed this commitment during the presentations.

“For six decades, we’ve blended tradition with modernity, offering products that not only enhance appearance but also inspire confidence,” said Robert Stout, country manager, UK.

“Here’s to many more years of radiance and excellence, as we continue to evolve and redefine beauty for both professionals and consumers.

“As we continue to grow it was essential for us to showcase how our brand has always been dedicated to empowering individuals through innovation and elegance.”

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