Foreo to launch Luna 4 collection as NFTS ahead of general release

Foreo has become one of the first beauty brands to launch a digitised version of a new product ahead of its general release


By Lauren Heath-Jones

02 September 2022

Swedish beauty tech distributor Foreo has become one of the first beauty brands to launch a digitised version of a new product ahead of its general release. 

To celebrate the launch of its newest collection; Luna 4,  Foreo has launched five NFTs, each representing one product in the line. 

Beauty NFTs

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets, such as artworks, stored on a blockchain with unique identification codes that mean they can be instantly verified. 

Each of the Foreo NFTs is available in 50 variants giving consumers access to a limited run of 250 NFTs, as well as a special edition NFT, created by designer Mariam, which will be sold at auction.

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Beauty, health and technology

Foreo will donate all proceeds, including royalties, from the NFT sales to mental and skin health charities; Hope Givers, Tjejzonen and Scleroderma, solidifying the brand’s commitment to destigmatising mental health issues. 

“Brands now have the opportunity and responsibility to change the way their products reach end consumers. This is especially important for the beauty industry,” said Foreo CEO Boris Trupcevic. 

“With the Luna NFT we’re using technology to amplify the link between beauty, health and technology, highlighting how the products are made and results they provide,” he added. 

Luna 4 

Luna 4 is a six-piece collection of silicone cleansing brushes, each offering different skincare benefits. The line-up includes the Luna 4, Luna 4 Mini, Luna 4 Plus, Luna 4 Go, Luna 4 Men and Luna 4 Body. 

The collection will be debuted at a global Metaverse event on September 19.

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