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Dermalogica launches a course in Treating Melanin-Rich Skin

Skincare brand creates free course to strengthen industry knowledge and bridge the gap in professional education


By Wendy Golledge

14 February 2023

Dermalogica has curated a free Treating Melanin-Rich Skin course that is available to all skincare therapists and future industry professionals.

Currently offered in seven languages, the course is comprised of three self-led modules and aims to strengthen industry knowledge and bridge the gap in professional education

A lack of focus on melanin-rich skin can lead to inequalities in treatment

The learning gap

Melanin-rich skin tones, specifically those categorised as Fitzpatrick levels IV-VI, are vastly under-represented in the professional skincare industry’s training curricula.

Textbooks primarily feature lighter skin tones and classes often omit how skin conditions present in darker skin tone variations. This causes a learning gap that can lead to inequalities in care, from initial client consultations through skin analysis and treatment.

Heather Hickman

"Treating Melanin-Rich Skin aims to strengthen therapists’ foundational knowledge of understanding and treating melanin-rich skin."

Heather Hickman

Vice-president of education, Dermalogica

Dermalogica was literally born from the idea that industry education could and should do more to set skin therapists up for success,” said Heather Hickman, vice-president of education at Dermalogica.

“As the leaders in skin treatment education, we’re driven by our purpose to elevate the industry through advanced education and skill development, and that includes ensuring that every skin professional is confident treating every skin tone.

“Understanding the complexities of melanin-rich skin is both a science and an art,” explained course consultant and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Alexis Stephens. “This is a much-needed course and a massive step in the right direction in bridging the gap in skin exclusivity.”

The third of Dermalogica's modules looks into advanced skin services for melanin-rich skin

The science of melanin

Module one focuses on cultural intelligence (CQ) to strengthen communication and improve the client experience.

The second module delves into the science of melanin, exploring how it affects skin conditions such as ageing, hyperpigmentation and breakouts.

The third module addresses advanced skin services such as chemical peels, microneedling, nanoinfusion and LED, detailing precautions and contraindications that may be present with melanin-rich skin.

A certificate of completion is available to print.


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