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Clinique La Prairie reveals Holistic Health nutritional supplements

By Mark Smith


By Mark Smith

16 April 2021

Luxury spa and wellness destination Clinique La Prairie has launched Holistic Health, a collection of Swiss-made supplements to support guest health in-clinic and at-home.

The range is based on an exclusive Holistic Complex that targets the cornerstones of wellness using five distinct compounds: neuromics, synerithin, fixentin, immucell and niehanyl.

The four products, Age-Defy, Balance, Energy, and Purity have been created by a team of life-science experts at the clinic by connecting immunity, stress management, anti-inflammation, rejuvenation and cellular longevity – the five fundamental pillars for healthy living.

Each of the four vegan supplements pairs the powerful ingredients of the Holistic Complex with carefully selected micronutrients and plant extracts to enable active solutions and conditions to achieve maximum benefits.

Holistic Health by Clinique La Prairie


Age Defy

Combining two supplements, Regeneressence and Immunity, to address cell regeneration, combat inflammation and protect against antioxidants to support a long and healthy life.



With 17 essential vitamins, minerals and bioavailable forms of supercharged nutrients to boost mental clarity and improve stress reactivity.




Offering a daily boost for the body and brain with bioactive compounds known to support cognitive functions and help optimise performance.



Supporting the natural cleansing and detoxifying processes of the liver and helping to shield from oxidative stress, this nutraceutical is designed by Clinique La Prairie to help guests following an intense detox at home.

Be healthy...

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