Clinique La Prairie opens new Longevity Hub in Qatar

By Wendy Golledge


By Wendy Golledge

05 April 2023

The newest Clinique La Prairie Longevity Hub has opened in Qatar, in the St. Regis Marsa Arabia Island, The Pearl.

The property developer Alfardan Hospitality announced the opening of the Hub, which will offer Swiss brand’s unique longevity approach.

The first Longevity Hub in the region and the third globally, it will give guests the opportunity to discover their Longevity Index and choose advanced therapies.

Each guest will experience a highly personalised wellness package.

Fitness Centre, St. Regis Marsa Arabia Island, The Pearl in Qatar
The fitness centre at St. Regis Marsa Arabia Island, The Pearl in Qatar

Holistic wellness

Joining Clinique La Prairie’s urban facilities in Madrid and Bangkok, the concept will provide holistic assessments and medical, aesthetic and wellness services.

The premium space also offers luxury relaxation areas including a lounge.

The resort has 20 treatment rooms, two fitness spaces and a Movement lab.

There is an IV room and wellness technologies rooms offering a cryo chamber, infrared light dome therapy, a neuromodulation bed, and a specific area for aesthetics.

man smiling at camera

“Clinique La Prairie’s unique technologies will be provided to support personal journeys to help guests live fuller, healthier, longer lives.”

Simone Gibertoni

CEO, Clinique La Prairie

“Our guests will be able to access premium rejuvenation, wellbeing and aesthetics protocols, including our signature Longevity Index,” said Clinique La Prairie CEO, Simone Gibertoni.

“This represents an outstanding continuation of our 90-year journey to premium wellness.”

Clinique La Prairie Longevity Hub Doha, Qatar
Therapies and wellness practices will include massages and anti-ageing facials

A first for the Middle East

Medical experts in the fields of longevity, epigenetics and nutrition will offer consultations and follow-ups to assess daily routines. The team will give an in-depth insight into each guest’s state of health.

They will receive a tailor-made guide to help overhaul their lifestyle.

Swiss Perfection cosmetics line is used and Holistic Health, Clinique La Prairie’s supplements, will be available this summer.

Zohour Omar Alfardan, head of development and lifestyle at Alfardan Hospitality, said: “As the first concept of its kind here in Qatar, the Longevity Hub brings premium wellness to discerning customers.”

The St. Regis Marsa Arabia will also offer a fitness centre and classes including yoga, Zumba, Pilates, spin and Aquagym.

The future for Clinique La Prairie

Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie, tells European Spa what lies ahead for the brand:


“Our vision is always looking at pioneering longevity, and in the next two years we will be focusing on health resorts and longevity hubs.


“Resorts are highly exclusive destinations, delivering full-range programmes from medical and wellbeing experts.


“Longevity Hubs are about offering access to our longevity method in more urban settings, where guests can regularly engage with experts and work on their health routine.


“After Doha, two more Longevity Hubs are expected in 2023, one in Taipei and one in the Middle-East (the location will be revealed this summer). We will open two Health Resorts in 2024, Anji  in China and Amaala in Saudi Arabia.


“The long-term roadmap is to reach about 40 Longevity Hubs and 10 Health Resorts, always having Montreux as the pinnacle legendary destination.”


Trends to watch…


“People have started placing an even greater importance on their wellbeing. They’re no longer waiting until they become ill to investigate their health. We predict a greater focus on sleep quality and the growth of the nutri-revolution, as diet is one of the most influential factors on the microbiome.


“Trends that we think will stick are breath work, Madero Therapy and cold therapies. Another vital trend only set to grow is integrating technology and wellness. AI can be a useful diagnostic tool to compare thousands of test results to detect abnormalities – more than any one doctor could do by themselves. It is this increasing production of personal data that will lead to the most significant advances.


“CLP will be focussing on the epigenetic revolution, and the advent of truly personalised medicine. Health programmess based on epigenetics – which are designed positively to influence genetic expression – are set to be a key innovation over the next decade.”

Be well...

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