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Clinique La Prairie unveils upgrades to celebrate its 90th anniversary

By Mark Smith

By Mark Smith

03 March 2021

Luxury spa and wellness destination Clinique La Prairie has introduced a new epigenetic screening and relaunched its iconic Revitalisation programme to celebrate 90 years of pioneering the science of longevity.

The Swiss medi-wellness clinic is collaborating with Genknowme, a life science company which analyses the effects of lifestyle on how genes are ‘switched on and off.’ It also investigates how these processes are closely linked with wellbeing, health and ageing.

Clinique La Prairie's Revitatisation programme promotes healthy ageing

The unique DNA reading measures biological age and reveals the reversible impacts of lifestyle on genes. The new blood-based test and assessment can be added to any programme.

The clinic has also upgraded its signature Revitalisation programme, which includes DNA testing, complete screenings and new treatments focusing on metabolism, inflammation, anti-ageing and strengthening the immune system.

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“Clinique La Prairie has dedicated the last 90 years to unlocking the secrets behind longevity and wellbeing. This commitment has resulted in the best treatments and programs to regenerate and rejuvenate body and spirit, strengthen immune system and enhance physical and mental performance.”

Simone Gibertoni

CEO, Clinique La Prairie

The clinic’s signature programme features a series of regenerative health extracts administered to maximise the health benefits.

These include The CLP Extract, a powerful formula based on founder Dr. Niehans’ ethos to help regenerate and fight the effects of ageing with HP-Cellular Active to improve oxygen supply to tissues, helping to regulate oxidative stress and stimulate cells.

The latest addition is the CLP Cellular Genomic FFS1-5. Composed of five natural active compounds that interact with the genes involved in cell stimulation. These help the immune system, neuromodulation, anti-inflammation, microbiota recovery and sleep-wake rhythm.

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