Clinique La Prairie launches 'world's most advanced brain enhancement programme'

By Wendy Golledge


By Wendy Golledge

10 April 2024

World-renowned health destination Clinique La Prairie (CLP) has introduced a new Brain Potential programme.

Labelled the world’s most advanced brain enhancement programme to date by the longevity pioneers, the programme is the result of years of research.

The cutting-edge, seven-day offer is designed to elevate brain health and performance. It integrates science-based assessments and interventions across four crucial areas: medical-genetics, nutrition, wellbeing and movement.

The goals of Brain Potential are to slow cognitive decline, enhance brain performance, manage stress, build resilience and support the gut-brain axis.

At the forefront of medical excellence, CLP is the first longevity clinic to offer an advanced programme to boost cognitive abilities.

“Our Brain Potential programme encapsulates Clinique La Prairie’s dedication to nurturing the aspirations of guests who seek to embrace life's full potential.”

Simone Gibertoni

CEO, Clinique La Prairie

A scientifically backed brain health programme

CLP’s collaboration with the Laboratory for Research in Neuroimaging at Lausanne University Hospital has enriched the Brain Potential programme with the latest research findings.

It fosters a culture of continuous learning and innovation within CLP, allowing it to apply cutting-edge scientific advancements to clinical care.

The Brain Potential programme is tailored to address modern lifestyle challenges, ensuring optimal brain function and longevity.

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Clinique La Prairie was fFounded in 1931 by Professor Niehans, a pioneer in longevity

The reality of brain ageing

With age, the brain undergoes certain modifications, and with demands on cognitive abilities higher than ever, performance and longevity rely heavily on good brain health.

However, modern lifestyles often include habits detrimental to both general health and brain health long-term.

Brain Potential is designed to address these challenges, protecting and enhancing the brain’s overall health, preventing decline and unlocking the brain’s full potential.

Personalised interventions include low-frequency continuous stimulation with AudioVitality

Cognitive evaluation

Comprehensive assessments that form part of the programme include genetic screening, MRI brain scans and stress profiling. Health parameters assessed include inflammatory markers and cardiovascular health.

Guests undergo cognitive evaluation followed by the brain training method, known for its scientifically proven benefits.

Following the assessments, guests experience personalised interventions to create optimal conditions for brain performance.

These encompass cognitive and visuospatial training, resistance training, breathing techniques and exposure to low-frequency continuous stimulation with AudioVitality sound sessions to promote sleep and relaxation.

The programme is complemented by neuro-active boosting formulas and cellular nutrigenomic supplements.

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