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Chewton Glen launches exclusive new OTO mushroom treatment

The bespoke Kinoko Ki treatment uses OTO's new Mushroom Ki Oil, which blends four powerful mushroom extracts


By Wendy Golledge

04 June 2024

Chewton Glen Spa in the New Forest, Hampshire, has announced the exclusive launch of a new treatment, in partnership with OTO Wellbeing.

A transformative experience, the new treatment merges ancient Japanese wisdom with innovative therapeutic techniques. Kinoko Ki (mushroom life force) will be exclusive to Chewton Glen, part of the Iconic Luxury Hotels group, for a three-month period throughout the summer.

The Kinoko Ki treatment utilises OTO’s newly devised Mushroom Ki Facial and Body Oil. A full sensory journey, it incorporates sound therapy, shiatsu massage, dry body brushing and myofascial release.

Kinoko Ki at Chewton Glen

Starting with myofascial release to target tension around the spine, therapists then employ dry body brushing to promote lymphatic stimulation and circulation.

After an exfoliation, Mushroom Ki Oil is massaged onto both face and body. The Kinoko Ki treatment concludes with a shiatsu massage using geothermal mushroom spheres to realign the body’s energies.

“At Chewton Glen we pride ourselves on being the first to offer new treatments. Fads don’t work for us, but every now and again something pops up that I instinctively know is for us. Kinoko Ki is that treatment.”

Kerry Hudson

Spa director, Iconic Luxury Hotels

“OTO and Chewton work extremely well together. We’re both high-end, British brands,” said Kerry Hudson, spa director, Iconic Luxury Hotels.

“I’ve heard so much about the power of mushrooms recently, I think this will be the first of many new mushroom-based treatment and product launches.”

A hybrid treatment, Kinoto Ki is all about energy, balancing the yin and the yang in the body. Therapists are taught how to work in the ‘circle of wellness’, decreasing the aggressive yang and improving the yin.

"OTOs Kinoko Ki is a truly unique treatment designed to balance the body’s energy centres, boost collagen production and the body’s blood circulation. It’s a hybrid between a massage and body treatment.”

Carly Chamberlain,

Training and business development manager, OTO

Powerful mushroom extracts

A blend of four powerful mushroom extracts, OTO’s new Mushroom Ki Oil contains chaga, maitake, reishi and cordyceps.

These compounds are blended with sweet almond oil, squalene, jojoba seed and rosehip seed oils, as well as tomato seed, rosemary, holy basil and cedarwood.

Bitter orange oil contributes to a new signature fragrance profile for the brand. The Mushroom Ki Oil will only be available for professional treatments until the end of 2024.

Feet on sand, surrounded by mushrooms
The new mushroom-based treatment aims to realign the body's energies

Mushrooms: the next step

Gemma Colao set up OTO Wellbeing after discovering CBD while living in San Francisco. Having experienced first-hand how CBD helped with stress, sleep disturbances and anxiety, she went on to investigate the molecule as a skincare ingredient.

“I started OTO to help people understand the natural benefits of CBD, which now has incredible science to back it up,” she says, talking exclusively to European Spa.

“Having pioneered the most immersive CBD spa experience in the spa sector, mushrooms were the obvious next step for OTO.

“Mushrooms are unbelievable. They have been used in tribal communities for centuries and we’re only now discovering their true anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant power.”

"Mushrooms, much like CBD, are an exceptional natural ingredient with powerful therapeutic properties. They support the mind, body and skin - fitting perfectly with OTO's philosophy to bring balance to body and mind.”

Gemma Colao

Founder, OTO

The Kinoko Ki soundscape

A unique nature soundscape has been created to permeate the treatment by sound artists Justin Wiggan.

Using the frequencies of the mycelium network – the intricate fungal network beneath the ground – it was recorded at a wild mushroom farm in Cornwall.

The soundscape captures the natural vibrations and rhythms of the four mushrooms used in the Kinoko Ki treatment: chaga, maitake, reishi, and cordyceps, each contributing their unique sonic signature.

Supplements in a brown bottle
Mushroom Complex includes maitake, reishi, shiitake, lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms

OTO Nutridaptives

The brand has also revealed exclusively to European Spa that it is launching a range of Nutridaptive supplements in July.

“There has been a 200% YOY increase in searches for ‘mushroom supplements’ so we have created three, lab-formulated complexes contain adaptogens, nootropics, vitamins and minerals,” said Colao.

“Guests having the Kinoko Ki treatment at Chewton Glen will be able to upgrade to include a month’s supply of capsules. We feel the treatment is the start of a transformational journey and want to ensure this continues at home.”

The OTO Nutridaptive functional supplements range includes Mushroom Complex, for enhanced focus and clarity and Menopause Complex for hormone balance. Night-time Complex offers sleep support.

Each supplement is a scientifically-backed blend of blend of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, mushroom adaptogens

Continuing spa treatment benefits at home

“Inside out health is the future of spa treatments. People are looking for more than just a massage,” said Coloa.

“Guests want an experience that will shift their energy and benefit their overall health and wellness going onwards.”

Hudson added that Chewton Glen is seeing big shift as guests increasingly arrive armed with a deeper knowledge of spa, and what they want from their treatment.

“Guests want the science. The more info and background we can share, the happier today’s guests are. They want rituals and a way to keep the spa experience going when they leave,” she concluded.

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