Bvlgari Hotel launches new Transformative Spa Journeys

The London hotel has introduced a new wellness dimension for the Bvlgari Spa, in addition to The Studio, dedicated to intimate group classes


By Wendy Golledge

31 May 2024

Bvlgari Hotel London has announced the launch of Transformative Spa Journeys, to add a new wellness dimension to the Bvlgari Spa.

The three journeys will be focused on recovery, sleep and longevity and will complement the spa’s treatment menu and bespoke workshop training programmes.

Alongside the new journeys, the Bvlgari Spa has opened The Studio – a space dedicated to small, intuitive group classes.

The 2,000sqm spa has also created a new premium membership and day spa experience.

An ice bath in a tiled room
The Bvlgari Spa's new Recovery Suite

Transformative Spa Journeys

Bvlgari Spa’s new wellbeing journeys combine specialised treatments with new technologies.

The Longevity Journey offers oxygen-fuelled healing in a hyperbaric oxygen capsule supplied by Henshaw Hyperbaric Chambers.

The capsule delivers 100% oxygen, which has proven healing results and can help to alleviate inflammation, rejuvenate skin and regulate the metabolism.

Using Starpool’s Zerobody Dry Float, the Sleep Journey will offer guests an anti-gravity experience. The Dry Float is a 60-minute immersive experience with benefits including decreased anxiety, stress and depression.

Finally, based on contrast therapy, the Recovery Journey will include thermal treatments by KLAFS and an ice bath supplied by Brass Monkey for cold-water immersion.

In the spa’s new Recovery Suite, guests will be guided through a sauna and ice bath experience, designed to increase metabolism, improve endurance and help the body’s resistance to fatigue.

an exercise studio with yoga mats on the floor
The Studio is for small group classes and visition wellness practitioners

“We’re delighted to introduce the new journeys at Bvlgari Hotel Spa, solidifying our wellbeing offering,” said assistant spa director Victoria Ceesay.

“As lives and commitments become more and more demanding, our guests are looking at ways they can enhance wellbeing.

“We have focused on three curated pillars of longevity, recovery and sleep. To complement the journeys, we’ve also introduced The Studio, creating a sense of community for clients.”

Man in ice bath with trainer stood at the side of the bath
A Brass Monkey ice bath in Bvlgari Spa's Recovery Suite

The Studio: a dynamic space for intimate training

The spa’s new studio provides a private environment for training and intuitive group classes. A multifunctional space it will offer group classes for up to eight people including breathwork, functional mobility, restorative yoga, Pilates, barre and sound baths.

Wellbeing practitioners will also take up residency in The Studio.

New spa memberships

Two new memberships have also been created. Bvlgari Spa Member for the Day includes the choice of a Workshop class in The Studio, a Recovery Suite experience, the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, a Zerobody dry float session and a two-course lunch.

The new Premium annual membership will include three hyperbaric chamber sessions, two recovery suite experiences, two Zerobody dry float sessions and unlimited access to classes held at the Studio.

a dry floatation bed
The Bvlgari Spa London has a Zerobody dry floatation bed

Since its launch in 2012, the Bvlgari Spa has become synonymous with an authentically honest approach to fitness and wellbeing offering health-enhancing and life-improving treatments and Workshop Gymnasium, the luxury gym brand offering a diverse range of services, bespoke fitness programmes and a sanctuary where tranquillity meets bespoke training.

The Bvlgari Spa also offers a 25m colonnaded swimming pool, one of the longest in London, plus 11 treatment rooms.

The Bvlgari Hotel Roma in Italy opened earlier this year – marking the brand’s first hotel in its hometown.

Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts is opening three additional hotels between 2025 and 2026 in Miami, the Maldives and Los Angeles.

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