Beauty Backed Trust to provide workers with grants of up to £5,000

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

06 October 2021

The Beauty Backed Trust (BBT) has announced that it will launch a grant programme to  offer financial support for people working in the beauty industry. 

Launching on October 7, the initiative will offer two bursaries: a start-up grant, aimed at individuals whose plans to enter or further their career in the beauty industry were put on hold by the pandemic; and a support grant for established businesses and freelancers who require financial assistance to get back on their feet. 

Candidates can apply for up to £5,000, which may be used to assist with equipment purchases, securing premises, training or stock. Candidates for the start-up grant may receive equipment or stock in lieu of financial aid.

The grants are designed to support individuals whose careers in the beauty industry have been impacted by Covid-19

“Since launching Beauty Backed Trust, we have had over 200 support requests for stock, equipment, financial and mentoring support,” said BBT founder Caroline Hirons.

“As a response to this, the Trustees and I are thrilled to have put in place two grant programmes that will provide support to those most in need. Both programmes will not only provide financial support but access to training and mentoring to help meet the needs of our industry,” she added. 

Applicants must complete an online application form, which will be reviewed by a BBT manager before being invited for an interview with two BBT Trustees.

“We're thrilled to have put in place two grant programmes that will provide support to those most in need.”

Caroline Hirons

Founder, Beauty Backed Trust

The trust has partnered with Barclay’s Digital Eagles to offer online training courses to support candidates through the application process. 

Successful applicants will also be given access to a mentoring programme offering guidance and support throughout their journey. The mentoring will also ensure that people are getting the most from their money and that funds are being used appropriately.

Candidates can apply for up to £5,000 in financial assistance

BBT was founded in 2020 to support independent businesses and entrepreneurs in the beauty industry who were directly impacted by the pandemic. 

“Over the last year, we have witnessed much of our industry struggle to stay open and viable. As a sector representing an 88 per cent female workforce, with 82 per cent of business owners as women, we need to stand together and make a change,” said a BBT spokesperson. “Our goal is to support as many beauty professionals as possible to get back to work.”

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