Aromatherapy Associates and The Laundress aim to transform everyday chores into 'moments of luxury'

By Lauren Heath-Jones

By Lauren Heath-Jones

06 September 2021

Aromatherapy Associates has partnered with The Laundress, a New York-based fabric and home care brand, to develop a range of premium cleaning and laundry products.

The four-piece collection consists of two detergents in Aromatherapy Associates’ signature Deep Relax and Forest Therapy blends, a Support Breathe dish soap and Support Breathe surface cleanser.

Aromatherapy Associates provides its expertise for new products from The Laundress

Described as the best of home care and self-care, the collection was developed to transform everyday chores, such as cleaning and doing the laundry, into luxurious experiences.

“Our new home collection marries our expertise in pure, natural wellbeing with our understanding of how consumers are looking for new ways to incorporate wellbeing into their lives,” said Anna Teal, CEO of Aromatherapy Associates.

“We are very mindful about the approach and work that we do. We’re on a real mission to create as many wellbeing moments as we can. Whether that’s in the home or out of the home, if you have two seconds or two hours to absorb a full Sunday evening ritual,” she added.

“With its potent essential oils, our home collection allows you to layer and combine powerful blends to create a truly multi-sensory experience – creating those vital moments of reset we call crave."

Anna Teal

CEO, Aromatherapy Associates

Gwen Whiting, founder of The Laundress, said: “Our mission is to take care of everything you love, including yourself, and turn everyday chores into luxurious experiences.”

“We have always wanted to use essential oils and aromatherapy to compliment our products but didn’t have the expertise in aroma. It’s a real skill set and science.

“We could have gone to a fragrance house to ask for some lavender but we wanted to be much more strategic and leverage the expertise that is embedded with the practice of aromatherapy from a clinical level.”

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