Armathwaite Hall encourages guests to reconnect with animals

New mindfulness experience fosters connection with animals and nature


By Lauren Heath-Jones

23 March 2022

Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa in the Lake District has launched a new mindfulness experience that encourages guests to reconnect with animals and nature. 

The Mindfulness with Animals programme, part of the hotel’s Rest. Restore. Rewild. package, is among the first of its kind in the UK. 

Designed to help guests engage with their natural surroundings, the programme combines forest bathing sessions with wellness and includes a private tour of the nearby Lake District Wildlife Park, where guests will be able to observe and connect with some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered species, including red pandas, tapirs, lemurs, gibbons, alpacas and giant tortoises.

The programme includes forest bathing sessions

The tour, led by Lucy Dunn, the park’s education and animal conservation officer, will take place outside of the park’s regular opening hours to prioritise animal care and create an intimate setting. 

“We can learn so much about being mindful from the animal kingdom,” said Dunn. 

“Animals live in the present moment, free from judgement and they know how to have fun. In this unique and private experience, we observe and connect with some of the world’s most endangered and beautiful animals.”

The programme forms part of the hotel's mission to become the UK's leading destination wellness resort

“Participants will explore a deeper connection through a series of mindfulness practices using our different senses, observing, touching and seeing what life lessons we can learn from these beautiful living creatures. This experience engages with the natural world around us bringing a deeper sense of connection and love for the earth and all its beings,” she added. 

As part of the experience, guests will also experience a two-hour forest bathing session, led by certified guide and wellbeing coach Jen Grange. A Japanese practice, known as shirin yoku, forest bathing has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels as well as elevate mood and energy levels. Guests will be guided through a series of mindful ‘invitations’ to connect with the nature around them. 

The first Mindfulness with Animals package will take place on May 15 and is part of the resort’s mission to become the UK’s leading wellness destination, offering unusual and beautiful mindful experiences to leave guests feeling renewed.

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