Acro Suites wellness resort opens in Crete

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

26 April 2022

The Greek island of Crete has welcomed another new wellness destination with the opening of the Acro Suites hotel and spa. 

The property, which opened earlier this month following a soft launch in 2021, has been described as a ‘microcosm of wellbeing’ and features 49 suites and villas, as well as a restaurant, a cocktail bar, an Asana Yoga Shala and a spa.

The spa was designed by Greek architecture firm Utopia Hotel Design and interior designer Manos Kipritidis

Called the Bath House, the spa offers several treatment rooms and relaxation spaces, as well as an authentic Byzantine hammam, a dry sauna, an outdoor pool, a heated pool and a fitness space. 

Its treatment menu features a comprehensive range of facial and body rituals, including experiences from brands such as Sepai Lab, Biologique Recherche and Ariadne Athens.

The hotel offers daily yoga sessions in the Asana Yoga Shala

Daily yoga sessions in the Asana Yoga Shala complete the spa’s offering. Described as one of the hotel’s ‘signature’ wellness buildings, the Shala is constructed from bamboo and consists of an open circular space outfitted with environmentally conscious fitness equipment. 

Developed in partnership with Greek architecture firm Utopia Hotel Design and interior designer Manos Kipritidis, the spa was inspired by traditional hammams and combines curved smooth stone with soft natural elements, light, water and a neutral colour palette to create the ‘ultimate soothing effect’.

The hotel offers two swimming pools and several of the villas are equipped with private pools

“The Bath House is inspired by the archaic notion of hammams and their original concept as places of rejuvenation and cleanliness, where purifying the body went hand-in-hand with purifying the soul,” said an Acro Suites spokesperson.

The architecture of the space, the energy that flows and the several wellness treatments are created in such a way to motivate guests towards self-appreciation and wellbeing.”

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