Aquatic health concept SwimSpa partners with Leonard Design

The collaboration follows a 2023 partnership agreement with Savills for the new communal bathing experience


By Wendy Golledge

26 April 2024

SwimSpa is a new affordable, adults-only aqua health experience, to be located in and around city centres.

Created to provide a more inexpensive wellbeing experience, the SwimSpa concept is focused on a hybrid model that combines wellness and relaxation. It offers aqua experiences, from hydrotherapy and salt pools to saunas and ice baths, to maximise health.

Following the announcement of a partnership with Savills in 2023, SwimSpa has now joined forces with Leonard Design, a specialist in retail design and architecture.

“We believe the affordable day spa is the new corporate gym market of old, especially for employers wanting to attract their workforce back into the office. Life is about mental wellbeing and spas will become more popular than gyms over a period of time,” said SwimSpa founder Andy Baker.

“Our focus is to make wet health a way of life. SwimSpa has a purpose to fulfil in this modern society; to deliver clarity and calmness to our membership.”

An indoor bathing hall
SwimSpa is at detailed design stage with two institutional UK landlords

About SwimSpa

SwimSpa is creating purpose-built facilities in residential areas that have strong footfall or have been demographically chosen.

SwimSpa’s communal bathing clubs will range in size from 465sqm to 1,115sqm, and pricing starts at £45 per 90-minute session or £140 per month for unlimited use.

SwimSpa is at detailed design stage with two institutional UK landlords on two of their UK shopping centre schemes at Gunwharf Quay in Portsmouth and Westfield White City in London.

The company is looking to roll out these sites in 2026 and focus cities for future projects are London, Portsmouth, Manchester, Bristol, Guildford and Bath.

With an emphasis on stress management, the facilities will offer wellness and relaxation under one roof. The offer will include steam and dry saunas, ice baths and caves, hydrotherapy pools and warm relaxation slabs.

There will also be swim pods, swim lanes and outdoor infinity pools.

Smiling man in blue shirt

“SwimSpa is ground-breaking and fits the retail, corporate and buy-to-rent modern marketplace. We're delighted to be part of this brand-new concept, which filling an affordable gap for consumers looking for a niche wet wellbeing activity.”

John Morgan

Partner, Leonard Design

An affordable aqua health concept

“Our focus is to make wet health a way of life,” said SwimSpa’s non-executive founder, Ken Moss.

“SwimSpa has a purpose to fulfil in modern society; to deliver clarity, calmness, mental and physical wellness. We are providing safe, quality indoor wet facilities with multiple reasons to join.”

SwimSpa is now seeking to raise further capital investment to achieve this.

An indoor swimming baths
SwimSpa's focus is to make 'wet health' a way of life

“The concept has three key pillars: luxury fittings and equipment, affordable prices and a highly credible team in the leisure/wellness space,” said Moss.

“We’re aiming to bring a new brand to the sector of wellness. We believe there is a market for 15 SwimSpas in central London alone.”

The hybrid model generates revenues as costs are relatively static but growth in popularity over a five-year period is predicted to be significant.

SwimSpa aims to educate customers around the science behind why a 60-90 minute session can have clear health benefits and the more frequent the visits the better the effects become.

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