Raison d'Etre adds sustainability modules to online spa management training

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

18 February 2022

Spa consultancy and training provider Raison d’Etre has expanded its 2022 Spa Business Education Training course to include modules on sustainability. 

The change comes following increasing awareness of the climate crisis and subsequent pressure on spas from their customers to implement more sustainable options across their businesses. 

The new training will cover six chapters; Design and Construction; Energy Consumption; Suppliers; Working Place; Products and Services; and Engagement, and will include material on low-emission paint, avoiding PVC, using local suppliers, sustainable lighting, environmentally friendly energy, using organic products and waste reduction. 

“Sustainability has always been  an important part of the spa industry, particularly as they are known to consume a lot of energy through the facilities and behind-the-scenes,” said course mentor Nikos Kouremenos. 

“Additionally, as the retail area has grown within spas, there is a question on the products and suppliers that are used to ensure these are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. There is always more to be done in the way of sustainability.” 

The new sustainability training will join the seven existing modules: Orientation to Spa Business Education; Marketing and Public Relations; Leadership and Strategic Planning; Finance; Human Resources; Operations and Service Quality Management Excellence; and Business Plan. 

Led by spa development specialists, the company’s Spa Business Education is a comprehensive spa management online programme that offers students the chance to study from anywhere at any time. Its curriculum was developed by a team of leading industry experts and is based on ‘expertise cultivated from a wealth of industry experience.’

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