Margaret Dabbs launches UK children's charity

By Sarah Todd


By Sarah Todd

01 June 2021

Margaret Dabbs, the CEO and founder of Margaret Dabbs London, has launched a new charity to support underprivileged young people.

Called Sole Potential, the charity will provide new sports footwear to will give children the opportunity to participate in sport regardless of their start in life.

The intention is to build a nationally recognised charity which will make a tangible difference to the lives of UK children.

Sole Potential aims to raise money through multiple channels, including donations from patrons, corporate sponsorships and fundraising events such as marathons and treks. In the future, Margaret Dabbs London customers will also be able to add a small donation to their order when completing an online purchase.

The charity will fundraise through multiple channels to support underprivileged children

The charity will work closely with schools, local authorities, sports teams and charitable trusts to identift those most in need of support.

Speaking about her motivation behind founding the charity, Margaret Dabbs said: “I truly believe in inclusion for all children when it comes to physical activity and group sport and that suitable sport shoes are a necessity.

“Through our charity work, we hope to be able to level the playing field, giving every child a fair start so that they can reap the benefits of participation in sport alongside their peers.”

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