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Lefay Resort & Spa combines ancient Chinese and western medicine to address insomnia

By Mark Smith


By Mark Smith

18 March 2021

Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda has developed a five-night programme to address sleep disorders that have been exacerbated by long periods of lockdown.

The resort’s methodology draws on preventative principles of Classical Chinese Medicine along with with modern western techniques to offer guests a bespoke approach to insomnia.

In Chinese medicine insomnia is recognised as an imbalance of energy concentrated in the head. This inspired the Lefay Spa Scientific Committee to develop a series of new sleep treatments that stimulate the energy lines and specific acupuncture points.

"Anxiety levels have increased for many over the past year, manifesting itself in difficulties with insomnia, and addressing this issue will be more important than ever in 2021.”

Dr Carlo Barbieri

President, Lefay Spa Method Scientific Committee

Guests are first assessed by a doctor to determine their current energy levels. The retreat includes specific energy massages including ‘The Embrace of Morpheus’ to stimulate energy flow from the head through the body.

A ‘Colour of Man’ massage, which restores the balance between yin and yang, ranges from vigorous movements to regulate the levels of stress in the body, to toning touches to fight fatigue, and then a deep and enveloping massage to regulate the energy in the blood.

The programme also features two aroma-hydrotherapy sessions, which use essential oils to stimulate specific meridians to rebalance the energy flows and one treatment in the salt-water lake.

The comprehensive wellness immersion includes three moxa treatments, involving the application of heat over specific acupuncture points to ease insomnia and stress; a consultation with a personal trainer; a nutritional consultation; and four physical and rebalancing activities – Qi Gong, stretching of the Meridians, Tai Qi, yoga and phyto-aromatherapy. Each guest will also enjoy two acupuncture sessions, two feet reflexology sessions and a facial massage.

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