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ishga and Cutitronics create a ‘Fitbit for the skin’

Digital innovation facilitates hyper-personalised spa skincare and strengthens the bond between client and therapist

By Mark Smith

29 March 2021

Hebridean skincare specialist ishga has partnered with Glasgow-based beauty tech company Cutitronics to bring cutting-edge skincare technology to the spa market.

The collaboration will see Cutitronics’ technology integrated with ishga’s product range to offer optimal skincare results and ensure closer engagement between therapists and clients following spa visits.

“Spas are perfectly positioned to combine digital technology with personal touch to deliver a truly bespoke experience to consumers. Our partnership with Cutitronics is an important step in this direction.”

Leon Trayling

Director, ishga
ishga's organic seaweed skincare is found in some of the UK's premier spa locations

Cutitronics’ technology helps to analyse the guest’s skin in real time, drawing on a wide range of external factors, such as weather conditions and location. It will then recommend and dispense the precise amount of the correct product to suit that client, according to their needs on that particular day.

“Within spas, our technology will be integrated into the entire client experience, empowering the therapist by streamlining the appointment process and offering them objective, data-driven insights on their client’s unique skincare requirements.”

Wilma McDaniel

Commercial director, Cutitronics

Spa users will be able to extend the experience beyond their appointment, taking home the ishga products they have experienced during their treatments and, with continued support from their consultant, beginning to see their desired skincare results at home.

This helps to extend the customer journey between each facial appointment and also maintains an ongoing relationship between guest and therapist.

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