Hydrafacial brings new Syndeo device to market

Hydrafacial has launched its next generation delivery system, Syndeo


By Wendy Golledge

03 April 2023

The new Hydrafacial Syndeo device is said to be all about customisation, offering therapists a range of 12 treatments and personalisation options.

Technological developments include touchless therapist commands, booster recognition and bespoke patient programmes.

Lauren Gibson

“Syndeo is smart and effortless, elevating every aspect of the Hydrafacial treatment with the most advanced delivery experience to date.”

Lauren Gibson

UK country manager, Hydrafacial

Gesture control allows therapists to increase or decrease the vacuum, without taking their hands off the client.

“We knew we needed a next-generation device that allowed therapists to remain more present and focus on clients’ skin rather than on the machine,” explains Hydrafacial UK country manager Lauren Gibson, talking exclusively to European Spa.

Hydrafacial Keravive treatment
The 12 treatment selections include scalp, neck and décolleté, arms, hands, stomach, legs, back and three face options

Enhanced usability

Ergonomically designed, Syndeo has been created to help clinics offer enhanced protocols that can be easily combined with other in-house technology.

Key features include LightStim Elipsa LED therapy, lymphatic drainage, Keravive and Hydrabody, launched by the brand late last year.

The brand’s famous ‘Gunkie’ waste holder now has an integrated light and magnifying glass.

Hydrafacial Syndeo scalp treatment
The Hydrafacial Keravive scalp experience

Hyper personalisation

“Syndeo takes personalisation to new level,” adds Gibson. “Small subtleties add to the experience – the therapist can ask clients to liken how they’re feeling to a colour, and the device colour-changes, for example.

“If guests want an ambient room, the therapist can dim the screen brightness and lower the sound.

“It’s everything in one treatment. Lymphatic drainage and LED and therapist touch and pain-free extractions and the best glow!”

Further Hydrafacial innovations in the pipeline for later this include the launch of the J-Lo booster in Europe and a third booster in the Murad line.

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