Forum HOTel&SPA addresses staffing and experiential wellness

The must-attend event in France explored the many facets of how businesses can embrace wellness in a new way


By Mark Smith

21 June 2024

Marking 16 years as the must-attend spa and wellness event in Paris, Forum HOTel&SPA this year demonstrated the importance of experiential and immersive journeys for guests.

Each speaker talked about this growing topic, either directly, or in passing.

This signifies a major shift for spa operators not only across Europe, but globally. Many speakers also highlighted the importance of staff care and wellbeing.

Networking opportunities at Forum HOTel&Spa in Paris
Delegates enjoying the networking opportunities at the prestigious event

Throughout the day there were opportunities to network, meet industry suppliers and make new connections in the world of spa, wellness and hospitality.

Brands exhibiting included Biologique Recherche, RKF Linen, Gharieni, Sommerhuber, [comfort zone], Swissline Cosmetics and Landsberg First Class Aesthetic.

The day concluded with a gala cocktail event that ofered an exceptional selection of canapes!

Vladi Kovanic - organiser of Forum HOTel&Spa in Paris

"In a world of constant change where life is moving faster than ever, topics such as wellness, self-care, and prevention have become more relevant than ever."

Vladi Kovanic

Founder, Forum HOTel&SPA

The session opened with an engaging talk by Eva-Maria Hasenauer, director at Lanserhof Group, who spoke passionately about preventative healthcare and detailed how the Lanserhof Group attends to guest’s individual needs at its properties across Europe.

Hasenauer said 50% of Lanserhof’s guests come for wellness and the other half seek medical care pre and post-disease. She noted that the typical age is around 50 years old, but there has been a rise in the number of younger people visiting.

“Staff are an integral part of the offering and their care and wellbeing is central to the business,” Hasenauer said.

“Staff need to be treated on a high level… the back of the clinic needs to be as high as the front.

“We don’t want our staff to eat processed food and then step out and talk about healthy eating to guests. Staff [at Lanserhof] are offered healthy options while at work, to maintain their mental health and wellbeing.”

Delegates enjoying Forum HOTel&spa in Paris
Attendees use the networking breaks to connect and learn

Chronobiology rhythms

Adam Mogelonsky, partner at Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited, talked passionately about health and wellbeing in the hospitality industry. “The future of hotels is bringing in the four themes: body, mind, relationships and community, together,” he said.

He went onto explain the different chronobiology rhythms and cycles that people go through and how spa and wellness properties need to attune to these, including the ultradian cycle (which changes every 1.5 hours), the lunar cycle (changing around every 30 days), and the circannual (switching each year).

A focus on teams

Hans Peter Veit, director of spa and recreation at Appenzeller Huus, addressed the importance of teams and looking after them correctly.

“Lead by the heart and love what you do,” he told attendees. “Lead by example, set values only if you exemplify them. See the person behind the employee. Also, if we don’t provide the best staff accommodation, we won’t get the right staff.”

Speakers at Forum HOTel&Spa in Paris
Speakers join Vladi Kovanic on stage

Experiential wellness

Ramy Elnagar and Tom Middleton, co-founders of White Mirror, introduced the topic of experiential wellness and healing through immersion.

They explained the importance of sensory rituals and sensory design in wellness products, especially focusing on how the body and brain process the arts in the shape of colour, light, music and sound.

The pair talked passionately about vibroacoustics and digital landscapes, and went on to discuss experience as medicine – how these immersive experiences can be healing.

Other speakers at Forum HOTel&SPA throughout the day included Hervé Duperret, general manager of Forstyle Hôtels Collection; Hannes Illmer, owner of Villa Eden; and architect Alexandre Pierart from Suprem Architecture.

Award winners at Forum HOTel&Spa in Paris
Award winners at Forum HOTel&SPA in Paris

Award-winning wellness leaders

The following spa professionals were recognised at Forum HOTel&SPA in the Diamond awards:

Red Diamond Award

This award honours a someone who makes a remarkable contribution as an entrepreneur or as a champion of health and wellness.

It was presented to Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder, World Wellness Weekend & Tip Touch

Blue Diamond Award for Thalassotherapy

This award recognises the management qualities, innovative spirit and commercial dynamism of a personality in the thalassotherapy sector.

It was presented to:

Bruno Vilt, CEO, Emeria Hôtel Thalasso & Spa Dinard

Florence Rouah, director, Institut Emeria Hôtel Thalasso & Spa

Hervé Duperret, deputy general manager, Forstyle Hotels Collection

Cécile Geffroy, general manager, Forstyle Hotels Collection

Black Diamond Award for the best spa manager of 2024

This accolade recognises people from the spa and medi-spa world who have earned the recognition of their peers for their outstanding contribution to the industry.

It was presented to Katharina Stoeckinger, head of spa, Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Oetker Collection

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