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Innovative Flow headset claims to reduce symptoms of depression


By Mark Smith

24 November 2020

The makers of Flow say it is the first and only medically approved home brain stimulation treatment in the UK and EU to treat depression.

A headset and accompanying therapy app empowers and motivates individuals to self-manage and reduce the risk of depression with effective, non-pharmacological digital alternatives.

The company claims 81% of Flow users says they have experienced reduced symptoms within three weeks.

The Flow device is worn 18 times for 30 minutes over a six-week period

Founded in 2016 by clinical psychologist Daniel Mansson and neuroscientist Erik Rehn, Flow employs prominent researchers in the fields of psychiatry, clinical psychology, brain stimulation, neuroscience and machine learning.

Users wear the device 18 times for 30 minutes over a six-week period. While using the headset, which gently stimulates the brain using transcranial direct current stimulation, patients engage with a therapy app programme that offers personalised behavioural therapy in areas proven to reduce symptoms of depression, including nutrition, exercise, meditation and sleep.

A therapy app aims to empower users to self-manage the risk of depression

A study of 850 participants reported that 81% said they felt better after three weeks of use with minimal side effects. Some 34% of patients reported improved mood, while 32% reported a reduction in anxiety and 29% experience fewer suicidal thoughts.

The system has been adopted by healthcare professionals and UK NHS Trusts who can now recommend the Flow app to their patients.

Flow says 81 of users experienced a reduction of symptoms within three weeks

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