Euphoria Retreat launches Odysseus-inspired spa retreat

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

20 September 2022

Euphoria Retreat in Sparta, Greece, has launched a new retreat inspired by a Greek legend.

The Odysseus Journey is hosted by Euphoria founder Marina Efraimoglou and retreat leader Mary Vandorou, and is designed to help participants reset their inner compass to find more meaning and fulfilment in life.

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Inner-compass reset 

The five-day retreat features guided self-reflection, group discussions and immersive experiences designed to help guests embrace change and overcome life blocks and unhelpful patterns of behaviour. 

Following one of Euphoria’s core principles, participants learn about the Five Elements – earth, fire, water, metal and wood – and are taught how to make more authentic life choices and habit changes to reach their goals. 

Euphoria Retreat
The retreat will be led by Euphoria founder Marina Efraimoglou (top right) and retreat leader Mary Vandorou.

Spa experiences 

The Odysseus Journey also includes 14 carefully selected spa experiences including its signature treatment, Sanctuary for Busy Minds, which combines a Byzantine hammam ritual and Labyrinth medication.

Described as ‘harmoniously layered’, these experiences are curated to dislodge any inhibiting emotions by balancing the Five Elements and promoting empowered new perspectives. 

The retreat is completed by a daily schedule of activities that emphasise the importance of nature and balance fun, education and relaxation. 

The food offering includes ‘deliciously-light, energy-giving Mediterranean dishes, focusing on balance, taste and vibrancy rather than deprivation.’

Marina Efraimoglou, Euphoria Retreat

“In the process of exploring the story of Odysseus we reflect on how our decisions might be limiting us and whether we are ready to accept change."

Marina Efraimoglou

Founder and leader, Euphoria Retreat

Accept change

“In the process of exploring the story of Odysseus, we reflect on how our decisions might be limiting us and whether we are ready to accept change,” says Euphoria Retreat founder and leader, Marina Efraimoglou. 

“There is no right or wrong, no mistakes, just experiences. It’s more important to keep moving and know where you want to go next.” 

The first retreat takes place between September 20-25, with November dates to be confirmed.

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