Elemis reveals key developments to support spas

2021 press briefing focused on sustainability, elevated blended learning and future-focused global retail branding


By Sarah Todd

05 May 2021

Senior members of the global Elemis team held a media briefing that detailed the luxury brand’s spa and salon strategy for 2021 and beyond.

With a primary focus on sustainability, retail and spa partnership growth, the positive and future-focused presentation also featured an illuminating quote from Elemis CEO Sean Harrington, who said: “2020 was a year like no other. What Elemis had planned for the next five years, we achieved in 10 months.”

Here are European Spa’s key takeaways for spas from Noella Gabriel, co-founder and global president; Oriele Frank, co-founder and chief product and sustainability officer and the UK general manager Kerry Evans.

“Every age group falls in love with Elemis. We invested heavily in retail during 2020 – from pop-ups to shops-within-stores and standalone boutiques. Elemis a brand that wants to spend more time with you. If retail is going to survive, post-Covid, we have to deliver exceptional service – e-commerce just can't do this.”

Noella Gabriel

Co-founder and global president, Elemis
Elemis aims to increase its presence in spas and salons over the next 6-12 months

“Spa and salon is a channel that engages consumers in an extraordinary way through shared experiences and emotional engagement. We intend to elevate our portfolio in spas and salons within the next 6-12 months and we're really excited about the Cambridge Country Club in the UK, which will launch in July with Elemis as the sole brand.”

Kerry Evans

General manager, UK, Elemis
The brand's sustainability initiatives include using environmentally friendly distributors

“As of 2020, our ongoing sustainability initiatives will result in an annual reduction of 45 tonnes of paper and 320 tonnes of plastic from landfill. Our other sustainability focuses include our e-commerce shipping with new enviro-friendly shippers and our amenities range, which will relaunch in 2023 and increase positive brand awareness of Elemis through improved guest experience in hotels and spas.”

Oriele Frank

Co-founder and chief product and sustainability officer, Elemis
Elemis invested heavily in retail during 2020

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