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Dr Levy Switzerland launches special edition spring gift sets

By Mark Smith


By Mark Smith

10 May 2021

Dr Levy Switzerland has introduced a set of Spring gift sets to offer medi-spa skin results at home. Featuring some of the brand’s hero products, the collections have been formulated to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin, delivering an instant radiant glow, a more youthful appearance and toned and plump skin.

The Eye Magician set features Eye Booster Concentrate, R3 Cell Matrix Mask, 3DEEP Cleanser and Mini Booster Serum. The star performer in this set is the Intense Stem Cell Eye Booster Concentrate packed with plant-derived Argan CDV, which manufactures collagen and elastin to maintain skin density, strength, and resilience.

The Time Reverse collection includes Eye Booster Concentrate, Booster Serum, R3 Cell Matrix Mask, Radical3 Reboot Pro Peel, 3DEEP Cleanser and Mini Enriched Booster Cream. The stem-cell treatments in this set boost the production of essential elastin and collagen, which is said to result in instant hydration within minutes and a 26% reduction in the depth of fine lines, in just eight weeks.

The Needle Free gift set includes Eye Booster Concentrate, Booster Serum l, Regenerating Silk 50ml, R3 Cell Matrix Mask, Radical3 Reboot Pro Peel and 3DEEP Cleanser. This set offers a full professional facial at home. The products work in harmony to activate collagen production and replenish the skin for medical-grade results.

In the UK, Dr Levy Switzerland is available in medi-spas and Sen Spa at Careys Manor, Hampshire.

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