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“We love to disrupt, so we will always try new ways to engage with clients and motivate therapists.”

Louise Lupton, sales director at Dermalogica UK, discusses how the brand is driving business growth through innovation, education and customer experience


By European Spa

24 November 2020

Education and training have been a cornerstone of Dermalogica’s success since it launched in 1986. The brand’s results-driven skincare concept treats clients as individuals while supporting therapists with innovative products, technology and advanced education programmes.

As well as training more than 25,000 people each year at its network of eight centres in the UK and Ireland, Dermalogica has also introduced remote online training via its d-Streaming service.

Louise Lupton, sales director of Dermalogica UK, explains how the brand aims to drive spa business growth through its commitment to therapist excellence.

Dermalogica’s Precleanse Balm, Special Cleansing Gel and Rapid Reveal Peel

How is the skincare market changing and how can spas adapt?

‘Wellness’, ‘natural’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘bespoke’ are four touchstones currently driving consumers and spas need to ask if their brand partners reflect these needs?

Skincare is growing, formulas are evolving and technology is becoming more advanced. Professional skin therapists want more knowledge and are starting to train to a higher level so they can offer better aesthetic services. Spas need to invest in their team’s education to be able to provide improved services and more results-driven treatments.

How does Dermalogica support business growth for its spa partners?

Education sets the base for growth in any business. Our training follows a tiered structure that provides a pathway to elevate spa therapists and front-of-house teams. We have seen our partners grow their business by 5% by nurturing an in-house Dermalogica Expert.

In addition, we offer a passionate, knowledgeable and business focused sales team. Retail education is a major focus for Dermalogica in 2020.

“Our team are equipped to evaluate the needs of spas and to work with them on joint marketing and training plans.”

Louise Lupton

Sales director, Dermalogica UK

What kind of education and training programmes do you offer?

We have over 30 free workshops available to our spa partner teams. These are always being reinvented in response to new ingredients, product innovations and service developments. Our initial four-day programme, Dermalogica DNA, teaches therapists about our brand, including retail and professional products, while they offer and receive treatments, including those that incorporate electrical modalities.

Our Essentials workshops also delve deeper into treating ageing, sensitised, dehydrated, pigmented and breakout-prone skin. Additional courses upskill therapists’ knowledge and treatment skills in every aspect from Light Defense, looking at the effects of UV and blue light, to maximising results for men.

Dermalogica therapists are trained to maximise treatment benefits for both women and men

What is the Dermalogica Expert concept?

Our Dermalogica Expert programme starts with becoming Dermalogica Certified, which requires four days of core training. Next, trainees can become a Dermalogica Specialist, which takes another four days. They can then progress to our Dermalogica Expert tier.

Ongoing education and training workshops build confidence and instill a passion and excitement that is reflected in the growth of skin treatment services and retail sales.

What technological developments have been introduced to meet changing needs?

As a brand we have always used technology. We work with a range of bio-therapeutic equipment at our training centres, and our Dermalogica Conductive Gloves are used with the bt-nano, combining the element of human touch with microcurrent technology. The aesthetics industry is fast-moving and we are always looking at how our products can continue to offer the very best results.

Eight days training is required to become a Dermalogica Specialist and then progress to the Dermalogica Expert tier.

Tell us about your recent product developments.

Our Vitamin C range is on trend right now, as are our BioLumin-C Serum and BioLumin-C Eye Serum. It is important to innovate and lead the trends. We have done this, for example, with our Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30 product, which offers UV light protection and HEV light protection. Newness is important to our brand and to our partners, it helps to reignite businesses, teams and consumers.

How do you help spas increase retail sales?

Our team are equipped to evaluate the needs of spas and to work with them on joint marketing and training plans. They have the ability to review business performance to seek opportunities for growth.

We love to disrupt, so we will always try new ways to engage with clients and motivate therapists, whether through business training or retail workshops. Consumers want to be told stories through merchandising; they want to experience the story themselves at events, masterclasses or coffee mornings. Seeing the products in action helps them to understand more about where they began.

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