Banyan Tree launches flagship Veya branded resort in Phuket

By Lauren Heath-Jones


By Lauren Heath-Jones

13 April 2022

Sustainable hospitality group Banyan Tree Group has debuted its new Banyan Tree Veya wellbeing brand with the opening of a new flagship property in Phuket, Thailand. 

Banyan Tree Veya Phuket is a wellness-focused resort offering bespoke programmes, known as ‘embodiment therapies’, based on the group’s eight wellbeing pillars: physical vitality, nutrition, sleep, connection, education, sustainability, nature and mind cultivation.

The brand was developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic | ©Banyan Tree

Developed in reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, Banyan Tree Veya – veya meaning to weave – aims to address ‘a world with an urgent need for reconnecting mind and body on a daily basis.’

Led by certified multidisciplinary wellness hosts, the Veya experience is built around a three-step protocol of Awareness, Discovery and Sustenance. 

The resort offers bespoke programmes based on Banyan Tree's eight wellness principles | ©Banyan Tree

Weaving wellness journeys

Each journey begins with a private consultation with one of the resort’s wellbeing hosts, certified in eastern medicine, naturopathy and coaching, who creates a personalised itinerary centred on embodiment therapies and somatic practices, including: 


Mindfulness practices: Classes that are designed to raise sensory awareness through breathwork, sound therapy and guided imagery meditation techniques in natural environments. 


Somatic movement: Intuitive forms of dance, yoga and classes that focus on the internal experience of movement to release chronic tension patterns and calm the nervous system. 


Weightless: A new range of signature therapies unique to Veya, combining rehabilitative flotation with body stretch massage techniques and meditational sound therapy into a restorative sensory experience.


Lifestyle learning: Workshops aimed at introducing wellbeing rituals into daily life such as creative therapies, integrative nutrition and classes to help guests bring the retreat experience home.

The property features 23 villas designed to aid rest and relaxation | ©Banyan Tree

Guests will also have access to a wellbeing centre with Thailand’s first-ever White Room for sensory detox and meditative practice as well as an upcoming traditional herb farm-pharmacy workshop. 

The property features 23 villas, designed to foster optimal rest and relaxation with organic linens, a choice of pillows as well as black-out curtains nightly aromatherapy, sleep light and music. Each villa is equipped with amenities including a wellbeing mini bar, yoga mats, sound therapy bowls and exercise stretch bands to enable guests to practice wellbeing in the privacy of their own rooms.

“The Banyan Tree Veya team of resident wellbeing specialists and external experts aim to guide, encourage and celebrate with our guests in discovering this new conscious way of living.”

Lee Woon Ho

Senior Assistant VP & executive director of wellbeing, Banyan Tree Group

Banyan Tree Veya’s food offering will consist of a plant-forward cuisine blending Asian and Mediterranean influences. Signature dishes include bowls, broths and reimagined local dishes. Resident nutrition sommeliers curate tailored menus catering to guests’ dietary requirements. 

“With our hyper-stimulated modern life, our nervous system cannot truly relax and therefore, rest; chronic stress erodes our natural immunity and regenerative capacity,” said Ho Ren Yung, senior VP of brand HG at Banyan Tree.

“Our ethos #OwnYourPresence guides our mission of inspiring individuals’ to travel inwards and become conscious of how their daily actions, thoughts and emotions interact with their physical being,” she added.

Banyan Tree Veya offers plant-forward cuisine blending Asian and Mediterranean influences | ©Banyan Tree

Lee Woon Hoe, senior assistant VP and executive director of wellbeing, said: “The pandemic has brought unprecedented stress and trauma to our generation, the full impact of which remains to be fully assessed. However, many of us are reassessing our purpose and approach in life.”

“The Banyan Tree Veya team of resident wellbeing specialists and external experts aim to guide, encourage and celebrate with our guests in discovering this new conscious way of living,” he added. 

Be well...

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