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Anni Hood launches new Well Intel Daily podcast

Well Intel Daily is designed to act as a catalyst for the adoption of wellbeing culture


By Wendy Golledge

19 January 2023

Anni Hood, founding chair of the Wellness Tourism Initiative for the Global Wellness Institute and founder of both Well Business Solutions and Well Intelligence, has launched a new daily podcast as a cross industry proposition that champions the spa and wellness industry.

The Well Intel Daily podcast aims to act as a catalyst for a more accelerated adoption of wellbeing culture throughout society.

Created in partnership with the Purposeful Podcast production team, Well Intel Daily makes the case that wellbeing culture is a transformational powerhouse, and weaves together the significance of big picture themes with everyday relevance.

Better, optimised wellbeing

The core intention is accelerate the adoption of wellbeing culture to bring about a transformative impact – to nourish humanity and the planet toward a better, optimised and healthier state of wellbeing.

Each episode lasts three to four minutes, offering daily inspiration on news, culture, money, health, technology, the environment and geopolitics, all through a wellbeing lens.

Anni Hood, Well Intelligence

“What can spa and wellness industry leaders expect? In short, enormous support for all things wellbeing while broadening the mind of every listener to the fact that wellbeing is a great deal more than a yoga pose and a green juice."

Anni Hood

Founder and chief executive, Well Intelligence

Initially the podcast, aimed at business leaders, will feature Hood speaking directly to the listener.

Speaking exclusively to European Spa, Hood said: “It is a culture of how we live our lives, how we do business, how we consume and our consciousness for the connection that exists between us and our planet.

“Sundays will always be content that nourishes the soul, unless some news breaks that I can’t not speak up on!”

Anni Hood
Anni Hood’s aim is to introduce two to four episodes per month with high-profile guests later this year

“I intend to build consciousness and stimulate activism for the cause of wellbeing – in life, at work, and in our relationship with our fellow humans and the planet,” said Hood.

“Every day I will provide perspectives and insights on how choices for a healthier more sustainable world can become a higher priority in decision making and, in doing so, we’ll nudge everyone a little closer to that tipping point for positive transformation.”

Podcast topics include Defining Wellbeing For You, Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable, Financial Wellbeing, Measuring Wellbeing, Digital opportunities and Global relevance

“It is us who will make the difference tomorrow”

Speaking of two of the early episodes, Hood said: “This series is in part about disenthralling myself of the idea that someone else will make the world a better place.

“What becomes blindingly obvious is that the ‘someone else’ – those ‘they’ people that we so often refer to – they are you and I.

“Everyone should cultivate their own wellness formula. For me that includes sleep, solitude or time alone, the ability to unplug and really be in nothingness and breath work, which will give you calm clarity and dial your stress levels to zero.”

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